The Ministry of Music in Worship

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All of our lives, everything we do, can be an act of worship in response to God’s Love for us in Christ.

For Lutherans, corporate worship is not simply a pleasant option; it is the indispensible and central work of the gathered Christian community from which all other facets of the church’s life and mission - including our individual worship and devotional lives – derive their strength, purpose, and direction.

Christ is the cantus firmus of our music and worship; and our lives.

All scripture leads to Christ, the cross at Calvary, the empty tomb, and the New Life He gives us.

From the Prelude (Pre-Service) to the Postlude (Sending), our Worship Services are Christ-centered and Christ-guided.

Leaders in worship, and of the song of God’s people, are part of a team – called by God to bring worshippers into a time and place where they praise God from Whom all Blessings flow; are forgiven in Christ; are able to grasp the Good and Perfect Will of God as set forth in the Word - through the power of the Hoy Spirit; receive the Sacraments; are healed of hurts; lift up one another in prayer; and are sent forth as ambassadors of the Gospel.

We confess anything that stands between our relationship with the Triune God (Father and Son and Holy Spirit); and between us and any other person. Thanksgiving breaks forth as we claim our forgiveness through the cross.

In Christ, we have the boldness to pray for what the Father is more than ready to give than, often, we are to ask.

When our Worship Services end, our service as disciples in the world begins. We are equipped and commissioned as ministers of Christ in our unique vocations for the ministry of mission and ministry and service to our community and society.

As part of the planning for the Worship Services at Resurrection Lutheran Church, forms and styles, hymns and songs, liturgies and narratives are considered for use in aiding worshippers in their proclamation, prayer, and praise.

The themes for Worship Services at Resurrection are taken from the Liturgical Church Year and the 3-year cycle of readings (Pericopes), a pattern of reading the Scriptures  designed to support weekly Worship Services, as we journey through the Church Year.

Lutherans hold to a view of corporate Worship in which the proclamation of the Word is guide by the Propers of the Day – readings, psalmody (Introit, Gradual Psalm, Offertory), collect (Prayer of the Day), verses, preface, etc. – and songs, hymns, and spiritual songs.

The liturgy, sermon, and music are interrelated and interconnected. Therefore songs/hymns/spiritual songs which support, expand, and reinforce the readings of the specific day, and the flow of the liturgy, are chosen. Tunes that are either familiar or “singable” are also desired – although we also seek to expand our palette of musical choices.

 Music is God’s creation and gift to us to be used for His praise and in proclamation; in prayer and for the royal priesthood of all believers.

Music is the living voice of the Gospel – a gift from God to be use in all its fullness in Christian praise and prayer.

 A bird does not sing because he has an answer, he sings because he has a song!

 Jesus is the answer for the world today. Above Him there’s no other. Jesus is the Way.

As Christians, we not only have a song, we have an answer. It is an answer for a society that desperately needs to hear God’s Song. This Divine Singer has a message of love, forgiveness, grace, and hope. He has asked us to be instruments of His Song. We are indeed blessed an honored with such a high calling.

Prayerfully consider committing some of your time and using your talents in one or more of the Worship and Music ministries at Resurrection. For any age – children to adult – there are several different ways to be involved:

CHOIRS – Resurrection Chimers, Jubilee Bells, Ringers of Glory, Heavenly Handbells; Rainbow Choir, Sonshine Singers, Harmonia Deum, Sanctuary Choir, Male Chorus, Women’s Chorus, Family Choirs, special Christmas and Easter Musicals

SOLOS/ENSEMBLES – Vocal and Instrumental Ensembles (Resurrection Brass Ensemble, string, woodwind, percussion, keyboard, electronic, church orchestra)

WORSHIP LEADERS – Exodus, Reign, lectors, narration, drama

DIRECTORS and ACCOMPANISTS – and support personnel; i.e., librarians, choir mothers, hosts/hostesses, coaches, staging/setting, lighting and sound technicians, radio broadcast, recording engineers, etc.

Please contact Bob Unger ( ) or Chris Reed ( ), if you have any questions; and with your decision to participate in these different areas; and/or introduce yourself to the director of the choir, ensemble, or activity at the first rehearsal you attend.

We look forward to your involvement in the Music Ministry
at Resurrection Lutheran Church!


Sources: Creating Four-Part Harmony by Fred Bock, Hope Publishing. A Handbook of Church Music by Carl Schalk, CPH.


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