It is the second Friday of the month. You enter a room filled with people of all abilities. Whether you choose to spend the night dancing to live music, sitting and chatting with groups of friends, enjoying snacks and catching up on news, or just watching the people go by, you will not go away without a smile.

"My favorite thing to do at the Coffeehouse
is to have people help me write cards to my friends."

"I like the food, and getting to dance a lot."

Now and Then...

The Coffeehouse at Resurrection is an outgrowth of the Coffeehouse at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, which began as a way to provide a social experience for adults with special needs. Recently joined by the Coffeehouse at Benson Memorial United Methodist Church, the Coffeehouses are working together to form a bridge between communities, and to give everyone in attendance the opportunity to make friends with people outside their usual social circles. It's lots of fun!

The Coffeehouse is an evening for entertainment, snacks, social interaction, and networking. On certain Fridays throughout the year from 7:00–8:30 pm, an empty space is transformed into a coffeehouse ambiance with round tables and soft lighting to create a relaxed atmosphere. December features a shared dinner for all Wake County Coffeehouses.

Musicians entertain in a variety of formats from sing-along to karaoke, gospel to country, jazz to folk music. Attendees are invited to participate in song or relax and enjoy. Light snacks are served and conversation is always the prime ingredient as people come to make new friends, see old ones, share experiences and be entertained. The average attendance at a Coffeehouse event has grown to 100 people and has often swelled to upwards of 200 people of all abilities.

The Serving Cup began the Coffeehouse program in October 1997, with the aim of expanding the opportunity for social interaction and fellowship between adults of all abilities. Its purpose was to provide an inclusive setting for all, including developmentally disabled adults, to meet and mingle and have fun with the entire community. The success of the Coffeehouse led its founders to realize there was a great unmet need among the developmentally disabled participants in the Coffeehouse for some essentials such as social interaction, housing, employment opportunities, and transportation.

2020 Calendar of Events

January 10 - Resurrection Lutheran Church

January 24 - Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

January 31 - Benson Memorial United Methodist Church

February 14 - Resurrection Lutheran Church

February 28 - Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

March 13 - Resurrection Lutheran Church

March 27 - Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

April 6 - Benson Memorial United Methodist Church

April 24 - Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

May 8 - Resurrection Lutheran Church

May 29 - Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

June 12 - Resurrection Lutheran Church

June 26 - Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

July 10 - Resurrection Lutheran Church

July 31 - Benson Memorial United Methodist Church

August 14 - Resurrection Lutheran Church

August 28 - Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

September 11 - Resurrection Lutheran Church

September 25 - Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

October 9 - Resurrection Lutheran Church

October 23 - Benson Memorial United Methodist Church

October 30 - Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

November 13 - Resurrection Lutheran Church

*December 4, 6:30-8:30 pm
     Shared Christmas Dinner at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

Unfortunately, we are unable to meet due to COVID-19.


The Coffeehouse at Resurrection Lutheran Church
100 W. Lochmere Drive
Cary, NC 27518

Contact: Brenda Peterson

The Coffeehouse at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
7000 Creedmoor Road
Raleigh, NC 27613

Contact: Lila Thome

The Coffeehouse at Benson Memorial United Methodist Church
4706 Creedmoor Road
Raleigh, NC 27612

Contact: Carol Moore

For more information,