"What we have heard and known, what our fathers have told us. We will not hide them from their children; we will tell the NEXT generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, his power, and the wonders he has done"

Psalm 78: 3-4

In May of 2018, Resurrection Lutheran Church celebrated 40 years of ministry in this neighborhood on the southern edge of Cary, North Carolina. Embracing our Savior's love continues today in the faithful gathering of God's people. Worship at Resurrection is designed to be a life-changing encounter with the living God through Word and Sacrament. Services are planned using the best of traditional and contemporary forms according to the church year and the weekly scripture lessons.

Resurrection has been joyfully serving and ministering to the western Wake County area since 1978. We are part of the larger Christian witness of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, Southeastern District. Our congregation numbers 2,000 baptized members with 500 in worship each weekend in four services.

We offer trained lay counselors, known as Stephen Ministers, to support us in our Christian journey. And we have small groups designed to connect us with Jesus and with each other, in order to build us up as followers of Jesus.

Among the social ministries we support are Families Together, Western Wake Crisis Ministry, Meals on Wheels of Wake County, Safe Families for Children, Sleep in Heavenly Peace, and Appalachia Service Project, as well as our own Blind Ministry and The Coffeehouse.

Resurrection Lutheran Preschool offers opportunities and experiences that will enrich, expand, and develop a child’s ever-increasing accumulation of knowledge in a loving Christian atmosphere for students, 2 years old through transitional kindergarten, since 1984. Resurrection Music School has provided quality instruction for a variety of instruments in a Christian setting since 1998. Resurrection Lutheran School, a dual accredited school, offers a safe, nurturing, and academically rich educational experience in a Christ-centered environment for students, junior kindergarten through eighth grade, since 2002.

There are many opportunities to connect, serve, learn, and grow at Resurrection. We encourage you to join us as we reach out with the love of Christ - by grace, through faith, for service.




When you tell your neighbors and friends that you are a Lutheran, do they say that Lutherans are joyful people? When you go to worship on Sunday morning, do you go in joy, listen in joy, sing in joy and leave with joy?

“Rejoice always” (1 Thess. 5:16). That is the whole verse — easy to memorize. Rejoice. Always. Because God loves you. Because Jesus died and rose for you. Because the Spirit has called you by the Gospel into this saving faith. Because God is faithful to His promises, and He will surely do it (1 Thess. 5:24).

Joyfully Lutheran, we live in response to God’s love for us in the death and resurrection of Jesus. We live joyfully, because God’s love is freely given to sinners through faith for Christ’s sake. We live joyfully, because we do not work to earn God’s love and forgiveness but receive it by faith alone in what Christ has done for us.

Joyfully, we receive God’s Word and Sacraments as His means through which He gives to His children His love and mercy in Christ. We live joyfully, because though we cannot believe by our own reason or strength, the Holy Spirit has called us by the Gospel, enlightens us with His gifts, sanctifies and keeps us in the one true faith in Christ Jesus. We live joyfully, because the Father invites us to pray to Him as children talk to their dear father. We live joyfully, because Jesus has done it all for us.

Our joy is not generic joy. We are not just happy people. We are joyfully Lutheran. We live our lives trusting in the mercy and love of God. Our Savior suffered for us, and we know that our lives also will be filled with trials and suffering, yet we live in joy.

Joy does not mean that we ignore the realities of our lives. Faith in Christ does not remove us from the trials and temptations that befall people in this life. Faith in Christ does not mean that we cannot suffer or sin. Faith in Christ points us to the hope we have in the midst of the difficulties of this life. And Christ is our joy.

The cross is the most prominent symbol of Christianity. We proclaim the Lord’s death until He comes. With our Lord, we know that suffering and pain is inherent in our lives as we dwell in this sinful world. With our Lord, we do not expect sinners to embrace the Kingdom, but trust that it is through suffering and death that the Kingdom comes among us. With the Lord, we bear our own crosses and rejoice in the will of the loving Father, even when it seems hidden from our view.

The Christ on the cross is the Christ who conquered death and the grave. We rejoice, because our sins have been removed from us. We rejoice that death no longer has the final word over our lives. We rejoice that our Savior is coming again. We rejoice in the promises of life with Him forever. We rejoice that He is with us in His Word, Sacraments and Church.

I, a poor miserable sinner, am Joyfully Lutheran. Because of Jesus. God’s love in Christ is the reason for joy. Grace, faith, forgiveness, suffering, learning, repenting, washing, eating, drinking, fellowship, mercy, life together — all joys in Christ.