Resurrection Lutheran Church (RLC) offers a broad array of Christian education opportunities to grow in grace, including Sunday morning education classes for adults and children, confirmation classes, midweek Bible studies, and Vacation Bible School held in the summer.

Click here to download the Christian Education Winter 2024, Block 2 Sheet.

Paper copies are available at the Information Centers in the Narthex and Family Life Center Lobby.

Any questions can be directed to the church office at   or 919-851-7248.


Sunday Morning

RLC values Christian education, for adults and children, and considers it to be an essential part of a healthy equipping ministry. We offer Sunday School opportunities for adults and children from 9:30-10:30 am, September through May. Occasionally, we offer summer Bible study opportunities.

Adult Christian Education

Life Lived Under the Cross of Jesus

Dates: February 18-March 24
Time: 9:30-10:30 am
Place: Fellowship Hall
Leaders: Pastor Jonathan Blanke, Pastor Zach Sarrault
Materials: Will be provided.

We will be using resources produced by Concordia Publishing House (Spirituality of the Cross, [3rd edition] by Gene Edward Veith, Jr. and Lutheran Spirituality: Cross by Holger Sonntag) to look at the issue of Christian spirituality, especially as it is understood in the Lutheran tradition.

Each session will offer meaningful interaction with God's Word and what the Scriptures have to say on topics like vocation, the hiddenness of God, the means of grace (and presence of God), etc. Ever heard of folks who claim to be "spiritual, but not religious"? This class is for people of faith who identify with the "religious" life of worship and spiritual disciplines, yet long to connect more meaningfully both to the ancient church and the contemporary need to experience Christ "authentically."

Youth Sunday School

Join us for Sunday School from 9:30-10:30 am, September-May! All classes are held in the Family Life Center.

  • Pre-Kindergarten in Room 132
  • Kindergarten-1st Grade in Room 135
  • 2nd-3rd Grade in Room 131
  • 4th-5th Grade in Room 133

  • Connection Café for 6th-12th Grades in Room 253 (The Warehouse)
    Created in Christ is a collection of 52 Bible studies that helps guide youth through God’s unchanging Word, which is especially helpful in their changing lives. Questions encourage group discussion and engage students in active exploration of the Scripture. Every lesson aims to apply the “old” stories to the everyday life of a teenager.


Weekly Classes


Monday Night Women’s Bible Study

Dates: January 8-May 20
Time: 7:00-8:00 pm
Place: Room 151, Family Life Center, and Online via Zoom
Leaders: Jamee Thieme, Sharon Hahne, Dawn Leister
Materials: Measured by Grace: How God Defines Success by Sharla Fritz

How does God measure success? In the Bible, you'll find no lack of sinfulness, shortcomings, rejections, and broken people. People like Joseph, Rahab, David, Jeremiah, John the Baptist, The Samaritan Woman, Peter, and Paul. Yet, we don't think of these people as failures. Rather, we see them as people God transformed, turning their lack into faithfulness for His good.

Study these eight biblical figures to see that God does the same for you. He takes what you or society perceives as failure and transforms you for His plan. God does not judge based on earthly standards. No blunder is too big for him. No mess-up is beyond repair. His goodness goes beyond and turns your missteps into miracles.

No class on March 25 and April 1. Books are available through,, or Amazon. There is also a Kindle version available.

Men's Weekly Study and Fellowship

Dates: January 8-May 20
7:00-8:15 pm
Place: Room 240, Family Life Center
Leaders: Tom Gebbia
Materials: Christian History Made Easy by Timothy Paul Jones

Current study is Christian History Made Easy by Timothy Paul Jones. This book summarizes the most important events in Christian history from the time of Jesus to today in 12 chapters, presenting key events and people every Christian should know. The great theologian, J. I. Packer, says that Christian History Made Easy is “a beautifully simple, beginner-friendly telling of Christian history, a precious heritage.”

No class on March 25 and April 1. Book and participant's guide are available online.


Tuesday Morning Bible Study and Fellowship

Dates: February 20-May 21
 10:30-11:30 am

Place: Fellowship Hall
Leaders: Pastor Jonathan Blanke, Pastor Zach Sarrault
Materials: None

God gives His Word to instruct, guide, and bless our lives. The Scripture lessons in worship offer a menu every week to build up the people of God in faith and hope. We will study the lessons for the following Sunday, and as we do, we expect that this Word will enrich and edify our community prayer, faith, and servant life in Christ.

No class on March 26.


Wednesday Night Workshop (WNW)

WNW includes adult Christian education classes, confirmation classes, children and youth ministry opportunities, and music ministry rehearsals.


Adult Christian Education

Men With Kids

Dates: February 21-April 24
Time: 6:30-7:45 pm
Place: Room 247, Family Life Center
Leader: Tom Gebbia
Materials: Will be provided.

This group is designed to bring men in a similar season with similar life experiences and goals together.

The Bible: Where It Comes from and Why It Matters

Dates: February 21-April 24
Time: 6:30-8:00 pm
Place: Fellowship Hall
Leaders: Pastor Jonathan Blanke, Ian Glenn
Materials: Will be provided.

Introduction by Rev. Dr. Jeffrey Kloha, Chief Curatorial Officer, Museum of the Bible. We all know that the Bible is at the center of what we believe, teach, and confess about God. Yet how many of us have learned how the Bible came to be over time? What role did God play in the formation of the entire Bible that was put together from its individual books? What are some of the differences between modern translations of the Bible? How "accurate" is the Bible we have today? How were the books of the Bible recognized as authoritative... and by whom?

These are just some of the questions we will address as we read specific Bible verses and marvel at the gift of God's inspired Word to us today... the same Word spoken over God's people over the course of millennia!


This Is the Church

Conversations around the Basics of the Christian Faith
Dates: January 20, January 27, February 3 Only
 9:30-11:00 am

Place: Room 151, Family Life Center
Leader: Pastor Jonathan Blanke
Materials: Bible and Luther's Small Catechism

Three 90-minute gatherings on Saturday mornings will focus on the basics of what Christians believe and how the Christian faith can be understood in distinction from other world religions.

It is a great opportunity for those who are joining us from another denomination or are new to the church altogether.


First Communion

First Communion Instruction for 5th Grade youth was held on Wednesdays, 7:00-8:00 pm from January 10-February 7, 2024 using This Is the Feast: Preparing for the Lord’s Supper (CPH).

If interested in receiving more information about opportunities for Holy Communion among our church’s youth, please reach out to Pastor Jonathan at  .



Youth Confirmation at RLC is a 2-year program that traditionally begins at Grade 7 (Confirmation 1) and finishes at the end of Grade 8 (Confirmation 2).

If you are interested in Confirmation, please reach out to Pastor Jonathan at  .

LEARN MORE about our Confirmation program.



Monday, June 24 - Friday, June 28
9:00 am-12:00 pm