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Church. Say the word and most people think and picture a building. But the word is really about God’s people gathered around the presence of Jesus and living out the calling of Christians in the world.

This fall, we are going to look at the eight value statements of Resurrection and hear again Why We Do What We Do.  This worship series will start on our Fall Kick-Off weekend and end on the last weekend of October as we celebrate the Festival of the Reformation.

Spiritual Growth ~ September 8/9

We believe God calls and equips us to grow as disciples of Christ.

God’s Grace ~ September 15/16

We believe we have a relationship with God only by receiving His undeserved favor in Christ and we seek to share that same message of grace with all people.

Outreach Focused ~ September 22/23

We believe we have a mission that lies outside ourselves to share the good news of Jesus with all people through actions and with words.

Family Oriented ~ September 29/30

We believe the Church supports the Christian home as a key place for nurturing the faith.

Servant Minded ~ October 6/7

We believe we have all received God-given gifts and are compelled by Christ’s love to serve Him by serving others.

Christian Relationships ~ October 13/14

We believe the Church is a community of believers gathered by the Spirit to live out our faith in Christ with one another.

Christ-Centered Worship ~ October 20/21

We believe Christ gives His gifts to us through the spoken, written, and sacramental Word and we respond with prayer, praise, and thanksgiving.

Biblically Based ~ October 27/28

We believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God which draws us to Christ our Savior and reveals to us how to confess, teach, and live the Christian life.

We are Church by Grace through Faith in Jesus. There is much that we do as His people. Come hear His Word on “Why We Do What We Do”.

In the joyful service of Jesus
     Pastor Mark


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