Council and Call Committee Update

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An open congregational forum will be held
on Thursday, October 11 at 7:00 pm in the Sanctuary.

The purpose of this forum is to share with you our initial thoughts about our path forward, and to hear your ideas. No decisions have been made about the Call process or either of the candidates who have visited recently.

The Council has met to begin identifying the topics to be addressed during the upcoming transition period. Our action plan is taking shape, but will continue to be refined through input from the congregation, staff, and schools.

Resurrection has an active life for members and visitors, and that will continue as we seek pastoral leadership. Below are some of our initial ideas:


  • The need for prayer cover will be especially high during this next phase of our church’s life. We will be forming an intentional prayer team which will expand the existing Call Committee Prayer Team. If you would like to be part of this prayer team, please contact Teresa Gresham.
  • Everyone is encouraged to pray for those involved in the Call Process, and the church as a whole. We will be
    providing more specific prayer requests in the months to come.

 Leadership Opportunities

  •  The current Call Committee has spent the past year learning about the process and potential candidates.
  • Reforming this group to continue with the Senior Pastor Call will expedite the process. However, we would like to welcome some additional committee members. If you are interested or have questions, please contact Teresa Gresham, Bob Shimmel, Bob Hirt, or Don Martin.
  • The Church Council will have five openings at the end of 2018. Some existing Council members who are up for reelection may choose to run again, but we will be seeking several new members to be part of our 9-member Council. Council positions are 2-year commitments. Once elected, the Council will nominate the officials (President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary) from among their group. In 2019, the Council will continue with the Go Forward Plan and other long-term strategies previously identified, but also will have strong leadership role in the governance of the church body. If you are interested or have questions, please contact any of the current Council members.
  • The Council will be relying heavily on other lay leaders in the congregation for a variety of roles, including serving during worship. If you see a need or would like more information about how to be involved during this transition period, please contact one of the Council members.


  • The Council will take the lead on increased communication of the Call process as well as other items of interest.
  • Methods of communication include the newsletter, weekly announcement sheet, emails via RCB, website, and verbal announcements at services.
  • During the transition period, please contact any of the Council members with questions or ideas. Our emails and phone numbers are listed on next page.

 Pastoral Care

  • We have begun coordinating with Pastor Mike Merker (Jordan Lutheran Church), who is our District Circuit Visitor. He will help us identify a potential vacancy pastor, and will assist with overall coordination related to pastoral coverage.
  • The Stephen Ministers will be a key part of continuing pastoral care during this period, helping our vacancy pastor with activities such as hospital and home visits. These will be coordinated through appropriate Council and staff members.
  • The Shepherding group will focus on member-to-member connections. If you have questions about Shepherding program, please contact Bob Shimmel.
  • We will seek to expand our team of liturgists and other worship assistants. If you are interested in participating in worship in one of these roles, please contact Alan Shaw.

 Education Programs

  •  Our adult and children’s education programs will continue as currently scheduled.
  • The Council will coordinate with lay leaders to identify people to fill in where Pastor Mark and Elizabeth are serving now.
  • The Confirmation program will continue as scheduled. Please contact MaryAnn Unger if you have questions.

 Youth and Other Programs

  • Our youth programs will continue as currently scheduled. The Council is working to identify a lead for Breakaway, which Elizabeth is currently leading.
  • Other “Building Up” and “Reaching Out” programs will continue. Those teams and programs are run by lay leaders, and we do not anticipate any interruption in their schedule. The Council will provide support as needed.
  • If you are interested in joining an existing team, or initiating a new activity or small group, wonderful! Please contact Teresa Gresham with questions or ideas.

We look forward to seeing you at the forum on October 11. We will provide a summary of the meeting afterwards, if you are unable to attend.

Teresa Gresham, President — or 919-274-5450
Bob Shimmel, Vice President — or 608-417-9323
Alan Shaw, Secretary — or 414-574-1035
Dave Geisler, Treasurer — or 919-740-1781
Joe Bastante — or 919-362-4462
Matt Beaty — or 910-527-0596
Matt Bowling — or 919-208-4447
Heather Hilldale — or 919-818-8087
Sonja Striplin — or 919-481-2115

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