From Pastor Jon

Posted by Jon Richter on

On Easter Sunday, we had a wonderful time of celebration! With the voices of our Sanctuary Choir, Heavenly Handbells, Reign, Celebration Singers, Resurrection Brass Ensemble, organ and other instrumentalists — all were added to our voices from the congregation — we praised Our Lord for His Resurrection Victory over the death He suffered for us!

Even as we celebrated the Resurrection of Jesus after three days in the tomb, we began to see that the resurrection of Faith in people can take a different amount of time. Our Gospel passage from Sunday left Peter wandering away from the empty tomb wondering what had happened. Thomas, on the Sunday after Easter, said he would not believe until he could see and touch the death wounds on the body of Jesus. These two went from confusion and doubt to confession and determination through the continuing work of the Lord. They came to have full Faith in the Resurrected Christ Jesus — but Jesus looks forward to us today and pronounces: “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”

As the Easter series of our Lectionary (C) continues, our 1st lessons each week will be from the book of Acts. We will follow the adventures of the Apostles and other early members of the Church that Jesus has founded. The Gospel will begin its path from Jerusalem out to all nations. Many more paths to faith will be uncovered. Many more confessions of faith will be made. Many more trials of faith will be overcome.

As we follow the growth of the early Church — we also want to celebrate the strength of Resurrection Lutheran Church in Cary. Just like we had so many worshippers participating in the Easter Celebration, on Sunday, May 19, we are planning many elements of worship and celebration with a single grand “CommUnity” service at 9:30 am in the Family Life Center for one weekend only. (There will be no Worship Service on Saturday, May 18, either. Then, our summer weekend worship schedule will begin the following Memorial Day weekend.)

Let’s all join together as one and unite our voices again in Worship and Praise to our Risen Savior Jesus Christ!

Christ is Risen! He is Risen Indeed! Alleluia!