Impact Phase of The Next 40

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Reflections on the IMPACT Phase of the NEXT 40

Looking into the future and believing in a God who promises “immeasurably more than we can ever ask or imagine,” (Eph. 3:20 NIV), we engaged in the process of conducting a 3-year campaign that will provide additional financial resources, over and above our regular giving, to prepare and position ourselves for “telling the next generation” of God’s love in Christ. (Psalm 78:3-4)

After some discussion and a lot of prayer, the goal was set at $1,700,000. This was more than the amount that was first discussed. I thought matching the $1.4 million goal of the Step By Step campaign from 10 years ago was bold. But we agreed upon the $1.7 million goal, trusting in Paul’s prayerful words of Ephesians 3. How wonderful it is to share that as of this date, members of Resurrection have made commitments of $1,702,877. Thanks be to God!

Over the next three years, those gifts will make a great IMPACT as debt is reduced, Kibler Education Endowment is built, resources are set aside and devoted to ministry reserves and missions to Uganda and locally are supported in telling the NEXT generation of the Lord’s praiseworthy deeds.

The Impact Phase continues over 3 years.

  • For those who responded your giving would be monthly or quarterly, a NEXT 40 offering envelope has been placed in your church mailbox.
  • Starting in January 2019, the offering envelope packets we receive will include a monthly NEXT 40 envelope.
  • Electronic Giving - please note that the format on the page for electronic gifts will include a designated line for your gifts for the NEXT 40 as well as the other options.
  • If you would like to know more about giving through stocks or other possible ways of giving non-cash gifts, please contact the church finance office and/or John Wood who worked with the Lead gifts team.

This is my expectation for the years to come. The NEXT 40 campaign will be used by God to strengthen your faith and mine to trust Him to do immeasurably more than we could ever imagine or ask. Now the work of implementing courageous and innovative work is before us. Please keep praying and even more know it will involve all hands-on deck to accomplish the work God would have us do in telling the NEXT Generation.

In the joyful service of Jesus,
     Pastor Mark


Here are the first two projects for the NEXT 40:

  • Restroom Makeover - Before the summer is over, the restrooms by the Fellowship Hall will receive a full makeover and updating. Jeff Fike, Jon Huddle, Sue Jones, Pam Gardner, and Garrett Nigg are the Team leading this effort.
  • Seminary Library of the Lutheran Theological College of Uganda. The Voter’s Meeting on June 10th decided to send $39,500 from the 10% Missions Support to the Lutheran Church of Uganda to finish the Seminary Library, a major piece of theological formation for future pastors.


 Library Block to be Completed

Here is a brief quote back from Bishop Charles Bameka:

On behalf of the LCU, I would like to thank you and the Brethren at RLC for the support extended to us in providing US $39,500 for the completion of the Seminary Library. We are grateful to receive the Missions Programs of  'NEXT 40 Campaign designed to tell the Next Generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord (Psalm 78:3-4)' and I believe through the work and ministry of the Lutheran Theological College Uganda (LTCU), we will ‘... go and tell the Next Generation.’ YES! We are surely ‘… so blessed to be in this partnership’ with RLC.

Cordial greetings and the Lord's blessings as you serve,
Bishop Charles

(There is a video of Bishop Charles on RLC’s Facebook page - - check it out!) 

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