“Welcome Home” (Romans 15:7)

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With a new month and new year on the calendar begins a new emphasis in our church life together: the season of receiving the revelation of God in the person of God’s Son, Jesus Christ during “Epiphany.” As we reaffirm our baptisms on the weekend of January 12, hear the weekly readings from the life of Jesus in the gospel accounts throughout Epiphany depicting Jesus preaching, teaching, and performing miraculous works of healing, begin new Bible studies at Resurrection Lutheran Church or rebegin familiar ones, we encounter God in new ways and are formed as God’s disciples in service to the Lord and to one another. It’s a new season to gather and be prepared by God for all that this new year has in store for us.

Juli and I have been grateful recipients of so many warm words, gifts, offers of help, and hugs over the last several weeks. One greeting in particular, enclosed in a card, sticks with me as I write this monthly greeting to all of you. It read, “Welcome home!” Maybe it was because we were working so hard to make our present house a home that those words seemed to resonate. No matter how many boxes there were still left to unpack, no matter how many projects in our new house remain unfinished, no matter how many new faces we look forward to remembering and associating with a name, we are already home. How blessed we are to already be a part of the family at Resurrection and to be able to welcome other newcomers “home,” too! That’s what being a part of the community at Resurrection Lutheran Church is all about, isn’t it? Though we might move from one house to another during our earthly journey here below, we have a forever home in heaven with a loving Savior who not only wants to welcome us there but to empower us to love one another as if we were already taking part in a heavenly homecoming. As St. Paul encourages the church in Rome in his letter to the Romans, “Welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God” (15:7).

We look forward to getting to know you all better and to serving you more intentionally in the months ahead. In the meantime, let’s keep the welcome coming…especially to those who are looking for a home that they will only find (at last!) with their, and our, loving Savior Jesus.

A very blessed 2020 to all!
Pastor Jonathan


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