Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, 
2021 is shaping up to be a busy year at Resurrection. We foresee opening our church campus to a new worship and small group schedule this fall. We look forward to engaging more intentionally with our local neighborhoods in person. And, following our most recent church meeting on February 28, we have put together call documents for one of three candidates soon-to-graduate Concordia Seminary, St. Louis as our new Associate Pastor!  All of it, of course, is not possible without the prayer, love, and support of all of you. My heartfelt thanks for all that each of you is doing to be the Body of Christ, truly present for a world in need. 
With all that this year holds in store, I'd like to invite ALL Resurrection members to stand up and be counted. Last year our Stewardship Pledge Drive resulted in 75 of the roughly 400 households of our congregation pledging to support the mission and ministry at RLC with a portion of their income. (In other words, 75 of our member households determined ahead of time how much of their income they could reasonably expect to contribute to RLC, rather than giving a regular offering based on what they had "on hand"). If you or the members of your family were one of those 75 households, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are all set!  But there are at least 300 households who were not able to join us in this challenge last year. I would like to see us add 50 NEW pledges--people who have never made a pledge to RLC--to the 75 or so gathered last November. The pledge will be for monies spent in the period beginning July 2021 (fiscal 2022). I believe you will agree: asking 50 out of 300 family units to stand up and be counted is a modest goal. We can do this! If you did not take part in the November 2020 pledge event, please consider giving in the new fiscal year. Especially if you or someone you love stands to benefit from the service of our new under-shepherd and his ministry to young families and single adults. 
  • If you are attending services in person, please bring your completed pledge card with you. (Click HERE to print.)
  • To submit your pledge online, please complete the form below.
As you consider your pledge, please remember the following: 
1. The process is confidential. We will keep track of the number of new pledges, but will not identify your pledge with your name or contact information. You will, of course, want to keep a careful record of your pledge for your own personal planning and accountability. 
2. No matter how many people make up your family, we are asking for one pledge sheet per household. Still, why not discuss the process with others in your family? This could be a teachable moment for our children to learn how we can show our trust in God's ability to provide for and care of us. 
3.  Your household contribution to RLC is, of course, just one of several ways you may be using the gifts God has entrusted to you to bear fruit in His kingdom. We ask that you consider the needs of your congregation when you make decisions about the legacy you would like to leave behind this year. If there is something you believe we could be doing better in our use of what is entrusted to us at RLC, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.    
Finally, RLC member Bob Williams will be leading a class related to money management and the discipline of managing ourselves as followers of Jesus starting April 15, entitled "Financial Peace University." Whether or not you choose to make a pledge to RLC this year, be on the lookout for more announcements about this life-changing approach to financial well-being! 
Looking forward--together with you--to seeing our member involvement grow in this new season of church's life together....
Shalom in Christ,
Jonathan Blanke, Senior Pastor
RLC Pledge Card 2021 (First Time Pledges Only)

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