RLC in Uganda!

Resurrection teams have traveled throughout Uganda since 2010. RLC has and is partnering with the Lutheran Church Uganda (LCU) to understand the needs of the different communities. This partnership has allowed RLC to support the creation of new school buildings and boreholes in Lukonda, a district of Uganda. Many Resurrection communities have also provided support for many of these projects. It has been a joy to work with and to celebrate with the Lukonda hardworking faith-filled village communities!

Recently LCU has asked Resurrection to focus on a different district, Amudat.  Amudat (prairie like environment) is very different from Lukonda (lush farmland). In Amudat, there is evident distress and the needs in this region are significant. School children are gathering in semi-permanent structures which they have outgrown and have no clean water sources nearby. The LCU/RLC partnership is continuing to focus on permanent school buildings and clean water in Amudat.

Teams have also stopped over in the city of Jinja to say hello to everyone at the new Uganda Lutheran seminary. RLC has also helped finance some of the projects at the seminary.

Pray for His message to be heard far and wide!

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RLC supports The Mantey's in Uganda!


Megan and Mark Mantey serve the Lord as career missionaries in Uganda. Mark serves as the project manager for the seminary of Lutheran Theological College Uganda, managing the business aspects of it. As an instructor of Christian education and counseling, Megan teaches classes at the seminary. Mark and Megan are also involved in the life of the local community and their local congregation of Immanuel Lutheran in Jinja. Through these interactions, they build partnerships that assist the seminary and its students and share the love of Christ and proclaim the Gospel.

Learn more: lcms.org/mantey

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